Single Dad’s Heartwrenching Plea For Sons’ Insulin Rallies Community.

None of us wants a handout, but all of us need a hand-up at some point in life.

Craig Boncler owns a restaurant and is a full-time dad to three young boys… all of which have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Those diagnosed or close to someone that is, know that diabetes is a huge financial burden with expensive insulin injections and constant doctor’s visits. And Craig knows the costs better than most.

In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, Craig took to Facebook to describe his situation… his words were heartbreaking.


I hate doing this…

I’m in a lot of trouble. Due to various reasons – some within my control, some not – my restaurant is in a downward spiral.

Like my employees, I take a paycheck through our accounting office. I’m currently sitting on 9 weeks worth of paychecks that I can’t cash. This has resulted in me being continuously behind on my mortgage and car loan. My mortgage is currently about a week away from going into default.


The single most serious issue is that I can’t even afford the copays to buy insulin for my kids right now, and I’m down to about a two week supply.

At this point, Craig could have set up a Go Fund Me or asked for a handout… but he took the harder road. Craig asked anyone in the Houston, TX area that could spare the money, to come by his restaurant whenever possible. He was determined to work for his keep, trusting that the goodness and generosity of people would help him care for his sons.


I am asking for help.

If you live anywhere within driving distance, please consider having a meal at my restaurant. And tell your friends. Tell everybody. Have more than one meal. We have a huge menu to choose from, and it’s all good food, at a reasonable price.

I’m more than willing to earn the money to pay my bills, and I firmly stand behind my product.

Please help. My boys and I are depending on it.

His plea, posted to Facebook on June 6th, went viral overnight as people rallied to help the┬áhard working man’s cause.

A friend even set up a GoFundMe account for Craig and his sons, that is well on its way to reaching its $50,000 goal! If you would like to help Craig and his boys make ends meet, click this link to donate!

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