Her Husband Of 7 Months Went Into Coma, But This Wife’s Dedication Provided A Miracle

Matthew Davis and his wife, Danielle, had only been married for seven months when tragedy hit. While riding his motorcycle, Matthew was hit by a car, sending him straight not only to the hospital, but also into a coma.


After examining his situation, his doctor told Danielle that about 90% of patients with the same injury don’t survive. He said if it were him, he’d pull the plug. But the loving wife refused to take that as truth.

Deciding that taking him home became the only option, Danielle took care of her husband without professional aid. But she never gave up. And after 3 months, her prayers were answered when Matthew woke up from his coma!

It was bitter-sweet for Danielle, however. Matthew survived against all odds, but due to brain damage, all memories of his wife and his life before the accident vanished. That realization hurt Danielle, but it never broke their spirits.

Four years later Matthew already accomplished more than ever predicted, and Danielle’s been there by his side every step of the way!

Hearing their story as one of faith, bravery and love serves as a reminder of perseverance. Dedicating yourself to another person is for a lifetime, and because of Danielle, she and her husband’s relationship will last longer than they ever thought possible after the accident.

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