Baby Twins Fascinated As Dad Pushes Button, Break Into Cutest Dance When They Hear Music Play!

Anyone who has ever ridden the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyland knows that, as refreshing as the air conditioning can be and as sweet as those dolls may look, the theme song for the never-ending ride will without a doubt get stuck in your head for days on end.


But something about the repetitive tune has made the song eternally loved by children everywhere, and no adult can deny that children look so sweet as they take in the music.

In a video posted to the Poke My Heart YouTube page in 2012, two adorable twin baby boys are shown dancing to the beat of the It’s A Small World theme song.


When the video begins, the two twins are facing each other on their hands and knees as if they are about to start crawling. Instead, an adult hand reaches out from behind the camera and pushes a button on the toy sitting in between the two boys.

The classic Small World theme song starts playing and immediately these cute little boys begin rocking back and forth, dancing together with glee.


It’s got to be practically impossible to not find yourself with a huge smile on your face as you watch these twins happily dance to the music! The theme song will definitely be stuck in your head after you watch the video, but the look on their faces will for sure make it worth it.

Watch the video below to see their cuteness and share with your friends and family who could use a laugh!

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