Cruise Ships Just Cancelled Money-Making Trips To Rescue Stranded Hurricane Victims.

Anyone who’s been on a cruise ship knows that they’re a pretty great place to spend a vacation.

You have every amenity at your fingertips and you get transported directly to your desired destinations — all while traveling in the lap of luxury. Another known fact about most cruise ships? They can carry thousands of passengers from place to place, and that’s precisely why Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line just canceled multiple sailings.

Now that Hurricane Irma has cleared the Caribbean, the storm’s effects are evident. Thousands from the U.S. and British Virgin Islands as well as the Florida Keys and other Caribbean island nations are in desperate need.

The major cruise companies knew they couldn’t just sit back, so they stood up and offered their services!


And with Hurricane Jose on Irma’s heels, and the strength of the storm in question, people stuck on the islands are in grave danger.

Cruise ship Adventure of the Seas stopped in St. Maarten, delivering much-needed supplies to residents.


The ship also picked up 300 evacuees.



Norwegian Cruise Line issued a similar notice:

“Acting as a responsible corporate citizen and supporting the destinations that our ships operate in is a core value of Norwegian Cruise Line. In the wake of this devastating storm, we have deployed Norwegian Sky to St. Thomas, USVI to bring much needed supplies and assist in a humanitarian effort that is currently being organized by the government.”

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It’s great to see that these companies not only taking care of their customers (they made arrangements for those aboard ships during the storm and others with future itineraries) but also their employees — evacuating thousands from Florida — and the communities wherein they port.

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