Disabled Child Crestfallen When He Couldn’t Play With Neighbors, But Then They Change The Rules.

As we’ve seen before, sometimes kids just “get it.” They see things in such simple, straightforward terms; sometimes they’re able to understand basic truths that adults over-complicate.


Remember the little girl whose mom gave her a paper clip as a present? When she pulled the bow and wrapping off the box, she wasn’t disappointed to find a simple office supply inside. Instead, she taught us all a lesson in gratitude. Then there the young boy who was born with deformed limbs and digits who had Ellen on her feet applauding when he shared his thoughts on being different. Similarly, the video below captures the story of some young boys who just “get it,” and we can all learn from their goodness.

The video below is just under a minute and there are barely any words, but it is going viral around the world. It tells the story of a wheelchair-bound boy, his neighbors, and unlikely change in the rules of basketball.

The video ends with a narrator reminding us: “When the best of us steps up, our nation stands a little taller.” The video was made in Canada, but its a message that is resonating around the world.

Check out the now-viral video below and share the powerful message today!


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