Filmmaker Asks, “What Would Your Dog Would Say If He Could Talk?” His Answer Will Make You Cry.

man petting yellow lab with red collar

This short film, titled “If I Could Talk,” made me cry at work. Real tears, real sobs… until my coworkers had to pass me some tissues. And not just one tear, either. Like a solid 4-5 minutes of steady, audible ones. I’m a huge dog lover, and this video, about what a dog might say to its owner, if it could talk, is truly moving.


The video starts with a man rescuing an abandoned puppy. Unable to leave the puppy alone, he takes him home, bathes and raises him. The puppy starts out as an adorable little lab, and as the video progresses, we see it age into adulthood. As the man and dog bond, playing fetch, running on the beach, and even proposing to the man’s girlfriend together (so cute), the dog’s thoughts appear as text on the screen as he sends an important message to his owner.


“I wish that I could talk to you,” the text reads. “I would like you to know… Thanks for loving me.”

dog 4

“I would like you to know, I appreciate all the things you’ve done for me… We’ve had a lot of fun.”

Capture 6

I won’t give away the ending, but trust me, you will definitely want to watch the full video. Not just for the adorable puppy, but because the message is so powerful.

For anyone who has ever loved a pet, this will definitely hit close to home.

Capture 5

Watch the video below, grab tissues, and share this beautiful story today!

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