Do Do Do Do Do Watch This Adorable Student Council Video Girl Made With Her 3 Siblings.

There’s no denying that the coronavirus quarantine has really cramped our style!

While it’s necessary to self-isolate in order to slow the spread of the virus, having to cancel plans we’ve been looking forward to is a universal problem these days. Middle schooler Brenna Tew is just one of the millions of kids whose vision for the spring semester went out the window when quarantine began.

Jenna Tew

Brenna’s mom Jenna Tew told InspireMore that her daughter has been looking forward to running for student council all year. The teen was “discouraged and almost in tears” as the deadline for her application video drew near. She had envisioned making the video at school, surrounded by her supportive friends. Instead, she was stuck in her house, and so was everyone else!

That’s when Brenna’s siblings decided to get involved. Her sister is a senior in high school, so she organized a video and wrangled their two brothers into costumes. They decided to use Brenna’s favorite song, “Mahna Mahna” from “The Muppet Show,” as inspiration.


In the short video, all four Tew children dance and sing along with the funny song while holding cheerful signs urging students to vote for Brenna. During the song, they performed quick skits to illustrate why Brenna is the perfect candidate for student council: she’s kind, and she always works to be a peacemaker and a friend to all.

“Brenna’s favorite song reminds us to DO (do do do do) and there is SO much we can DO for each other, especially family,” Jenna explained. “The little video turned out to be a fun meaningful reminder of what we can do do do do do to win and be leaders in our own homes ….and continue to do when school is back in session!”

Brenna even uses Smarties (the candy) to show her classmates how smart and loved they are! She has given away pounds and pounds of i and doesn’t plan to stop until all her classmates know they have a friend who believes in them.


Brenna certainly has our vote! We love the message of doing what we can with the resources we have right now. The Tew family is absolutely correct: there’s always something you can do do do do!

Watch Brenna’s cute student council video below, and be sure to share.

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