Boy With Facial Tumors Cast Out Of Village, But Nun’s Kind Act Leads To Incredible Transformation.

When Victor Chukwueke was a child, he was ostracized from his community. He was an outcast in the small Nigerian village due to the rare genetic disorder that caused large tumors to grow on his face. “I was ostracized,” he recalled. “I was afraid to go out in public.”


Not only did the tumors caused Victor to be deformed, they threatened his life. But none of the doctors in his country knew how to respond to Victor’s condition; they told him there was nothing they could do.

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When Victor’s parents heard nuns from America were in their village doing missionary work, they begged the nuns to help their son. In a kind moment that would change Victor’s life forever, the nuns agreed to take Victor to Michigan.

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Once in Michigan, Victor’s luck changed. A kind doctor performed 9 surgeries on him, free of charge! The doctor didn’t just save Victor’s life, his kindness inspired the young man.

“I experienced firsthand how a lack of medical care can affect life,” he said.

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After his surgeries were complete, Victor dedicated his life to helping others and decided to attend medical school in the United States.

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Now Victor is in his 4th year at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. He will soon be a doctor and plans to return to Nigeria to help others.

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“God saved my life and provided me enthusiasm for science so I could make a difference in the health and lives of thousands of others,” he said. “The tumors were a blessing from God. They were the catalyst that propelled me on this journey.”

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