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“Couch Potato” Couple Ditch Junk Food & Soda — Drop 200 Lbs Together In 1 Yr.

For more of their marriage, Colorado couple Tricia and Nick Hensley went out to eat regularly during the week and for just about every meal on weekends. It didn’t help that their favorite place, a local Mexican joint, was open 24 hours.

But then they got the opportunity to participate in the Jenny Craig diet for a year – and everything changed.


At her heaviest, Tricia weighed 278lbs and Nick wasn’t far behind her at 265lbs. Then, in 2017, they won a raffle that allowed them to join Jenny Craig free of charge for an entire year. The plan was easy to manage, so they went for it.

Nick and Tricia were dedicated to the diet and even brought plan-approved food to holiday and family events so they would not be tempted by treats that didn’t align with the program (that’s serious dedication!). They went from large pizzas and cases of soda to lots of fruits and veggies and portion control.

They used to describe themselves as “couch potatoes,” but as they began to see results, they added walking to their routine— which has now turned to running!


After their year was up, Tricia was down 149lbs and Nick dropped 87lbs. They are both incredibly proud and amazed by what they were able to accomplish. For Tricia, the best part is that they did it as team.

“Ultimately, my favorite thing about our weight loss is that we did it together. This journey has brought us closer as a couple, showing us that together we can do anything”

These two are couple goals – and health goals!

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