This Viral Video Of A Homeless Vet Playing Piano Is Truly Beautiful. At 1:03 I Was So Touched!

When a woman in Sarasota, Florida heard beautiful piano playing coming from somewhere on the street, she had to do some investigating. Turns out it was former marine Donald Gould.

The veteran, who’s 51-years-old, used to be a music teacher and beams with talent. But his skill hasn’t been employed for years because he’s been living on the streets. According to NVHV, about 12% of the adult homeless population are veterans and HUD estimates that 49,933 veterans are homeless on any given night.

Gould told WFLA that when his wife died in 1998, his son was taken away from him because of a drug addiction… and it’s something that haunts him to this day.

But there’s a way that Gould finds an escape from that heartache. As he said of his piano playing, “It is my passion. I just like to make people happy out there when I’m playing.” He told a Florida news station, “I put my hat out there and sit it on top of the keyboard in hopes of making tips because I’m homeless.”

When he’s not entertaining passer-byers, Gould is teaching the kids who stop by how to play for free.

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