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thinking mom

No One Can Prepare You For All Of The Thinking Moms Do.

One thing about motherhood that no one really prepares you for is all of the thinking that moms do.

If it were possible to do so, I think it would be done, but it simply isn’t; there are some things about being a mom that you just cannot begin to understand until you become one.

Moms across the globe may differ in more ways than one, but there is something that surely unites us all: we do not stop thinking about our children — ever.

We think about the little things — the socks that don’t fit anymore, the favorite snack we need more of, those papers that need signing, and that coat that needs cleaning.

We think about the big things — the feelings that are hurt, the games that are lost, the risks that are taken, and the lessons that are learned.

And, we think about every single thing in between.

The characters they develop.
The steps they take.

The fears they face.
The people they meet.

The food they eat.
The sleep they get.

The places they go.
The love they feel.

We think about them during the day when they are spending time with us,
and at night when they are sleeping.

We think about them when they travel away from us,
and when they are right next to us on our couch.

We think about them when they are babies and always close to us,
And wherever they are every age thereafter.

There may be no way of preparing for the thoughts a mother’s mind will come to hold,
but it surely is a state of being we all come to know.

And while we all agree it often seems as though our minds never rest,
we know in our hearts it’s only because of the greatest blessings we’ve ever been given.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This story originally appeared on A Place Within Me

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