8-Yr-Old Defies Doctors To Win Dance Competition Only 1.5 Yrs After Losing Leg

There are some kids who show signs of talent at a very early age. Whether it’s sports, music, science, or reading – some kids just have a knack that cannot be explained.

Tessa Puma is one of those kids. From an early age she could dance – and not just cute toddler-style dancing, technical dancing that many adults could only dream of. She was winning dance competitions at the age of 5 and developed a deep passion for it.


But, at 6-years-old, Tessa became very sick and only had a 20% chance of survival.

Initially her parents thought her illness was simply the flu. But it quickly became clear that this was no ordinary virus. Tessa was actually suffering a potentially fatal infection that, within 15 hours, spread up the entire left side of her body.


Like any parents, Tessa’s mom and dad never gave it a second thought when the doctors told them she needed to have her left leg amputated above the knee. They just wanted their baby to survive.

Tessa spent two months in the hospital where she underwent painful skin graft surgeries and other treatments for the infection. And she pulled through. Still, her parents were worried she’d never be able to walk again – but Tessa – Tessa was scared she wouldn’t be able to dance.


But Tessa didn’t stay down for long, she put all of her might into learning how to walk with her new prosthetic leg  – then when she mastered that, she turned her attention towards learning how to dance (and do gymnastics!) again.

She now works closely with a dance coach who says the amputation hasn’t slowed down the (now) 8-year-old one bit.


In fact, Tessa is out competing (and winning) once again. She still hopes to become a dance teacher some day, and has no intention of letting her situation stop her from achieving everything she wants. She now lives her life with the motto, “never give up”.


Check out some of Tessa’s moves in the video below and be sure to share with your friends!

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