Teacher Retires After 38 Years, But Students’ Heartfelt Send-Off Leaves Him Speechless.

Few people have the opportunity to influence us and our children more than teachers. Those teachers who go above and beyond– who really pour into their students– are forever remembered as beloved mentors and friends… and sometimes they get to feel that love and appreciation from their students firsthand.


We’ve shared stories with you before about teachers being recognized. There was the time 5 teachers were gathered together for a fake interview, only to be surprised by heartfelt letters of thanks from their students. Then there was the teacher with cancer who had to leave school due to his illness, and was stunned to find 400 students singing on his front lawn in support.

A teacher at College Paul Fort– a junior high school in Courcouronnes, France, outside of Paris– recently felt love and appreciation from his students in a tangible, tear-jerking way.

After 38 years of teaching, the teacher– named Alain– was finally retiring. As he left his final class and headed towards the doors of the school to leave, he was stunned to find all of his students lining the hallways, cheering him on as he made his exit toward a well-earrned retirement.

Alain is visibly moved in the video, and the line of students continues to grow to an overwhelming number as he nears the doors. The students hand him a gift at the door, a final memento, and he wordlessly waves goodbye while the students applaud. It is a truly beautiful scene.

After 38 faithful years of teaching, he has clearly left a mark on this school, and his students have undoubtedly touched his heart as well.

Watch the emotional moment below and share!


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