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Bald Little Girl Tries On Wig For 1st Time & Can’t Stop Beaming In Touching Home Video.

Being a kid is hard, but being a kid who looks different from the crowd is extra challenging.

Wigs For Kids is an Ohio-based charity that specializes in donating wigs to children who have gone bald due to various reasons.  The non-profit organization was started over thirty years ago by Certified Cosmetic Therapist Jeffrey Paul, and it continues to bring joy to the kids they serve all these years later.

Wigs For Kids

“When Children lose their hair, whether as a result of medical treatments, health conditions, or burn accidents, they don’t just suffer physically. The change in their appearance can drastically undermine their self-image and sabotage their self-esteem,” the organization states.

They rely on hair donations to create these beautiful natural wigs, and in an effort to let people know what kind of amazing impact their donations have had, Wigs For Kids shares videos of grateful recipients trying on their new hair for the very first time.

Wigs For Kids Taylor

One such lucky recipient is Taylor, a child who lost all of her hair, but none of her spunk. The sweet little girl is already beaming before she even takes her new wig out of the shipment box.

“My wig!” she squeals, before saying, “it’s so beautiful” in a hushed, reverent voice.


She pulls out the shining, shoulder-length chestnut bob and holds it to her cheek. “This is beyond what I thought it would be,” she says happily as she pulls it over her scalp.

Taylor’s mom, behind the camera, tells her how beautiful she looks, and it’s absolutely true. It’s not just the hair that makes Taylor so stunning, however; it’s the sheer joy that is emanating from within her heart. We can just feel how happy this wig has made her, and it makes us happy too!


“I have hair!” Oh my gosh, I have hair!” Taylor gushes. “No one’s gonna recognize me!”

Rushing to the bathroom mirror, Taylor proceeds to model her beautiful new hair with all the sass you’d expect from a kid her age.

“You have your hair back!” her little brother says gleefully.


Taylor is just one of the many kids who have benefitted from this wonderful charity. The best thing is that as Taylor grows, Wigs For Kids will continue to supply her with wigs that fit her for as long as she needs them, until she turns 18. If this doesn’t make you want to grow your hair long just so you can donate it, we don’t know what will!

Watch Taylor’s thrilled and heartwarming reaction below, and share to spread a smile.

Taylor's Wig Reveal

If you've ever donated to Wigs for Kids and wondered what kind of an impact your donation had on a child, watch this.

Posted by Wigs For Kids on Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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