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Restaurant Sets Up “Giving Board” So Customers Can Help Feed People In Need.

At Stoney’s Family Restaurant in Clarkesville, Georgia, you’ll find great service, tasty biscuits, and an abundance of kindness.

The eatery has been serving breakfast to their community for 55 years, and recently they empowered their customers to do the same. Now feeding people in need is as easy as ordering off their menu.

stoney's family restaurant

In February, the restaurant started a “giving board,” where they put up pieces of paper to represent various donations. Participating customers can add to the board by spending an extra few dollars on a drink or even a whole meal for those who can’t afford one.

“Have a little extra? Leave a meal. Need a hand up? Take a meal!” the board reads.

When hungry clients come in, all they have to do is grab a card and take it to the register — no questions asked!

stoney's family restaurant giving board

Cashier Ruby Evans, who put the board up, believes it speaks volumes about her community. “That we stick together, we’re a strong community,” she said. “We are looking out for each other.”

Even better, the initiative has inspired other businesses to follow suit! Alexia Dodson, the owner of a neighboring store, said she’ll be joining their efforts.

“Everyone gets down on their luck, and just having that little support to pick you up can change your entire world,” Alexia said. “We’re getting ready to start bringing in vouchers for jackets and stuff like that, so families can come in and get a blanket or a coat and come to our store and pick it up.”

stoney's family restaurant giving board

This is such a great way to encourage acts of kindness! After all, everyone deserves a full belly.

Learn more about the giving board in the video below, and share this story to spread the word.

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