Kids Were Trapped In Dangerously Hot Car, But Watch Skaters Jump Into Action & Save The Day.

On average, 37 children every year succumb to heat stroke when they are left in cars on a hot summer day. In only 10 minutes, the effects of exposure start to appear: dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, and seizure set in at an age where they can’t comprehend what’s going on or why it’s happening.

The anxiety only worsens their symptoms become more pronounced. Children’s thermoregulatory systems aren’t as efficient as adult’s, their body temperatures can rise three to five times faster than someone that is grown.

When the outside temperature is only 80 degrees the temperature inside a car can rise to 123 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour.

Officially, if you spot a child unattended in a car you are supposed to dial 911 and wait for help, but the skater kids in the video below had no intention of letting tragedy strike.

These boys were enjoying their day skating around the park when they noticed a frantic crowd gathering in the parking lot. A moment’s investigation revealed that two young children were trapped in a car on the hot summer day.

Without a second thought, the 5 friends grabbed their skateboards and started pounding away and the passenger’s side window in a desperate attempt to rescue the children.  One of them then grabbed the item that would save the day.

Check out the incredible moment in the video below and share to remind others to be careful!

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