She Was Bullied And Called Hideous. But What These Kind Strangers Did Made All The Difference.

This video is a HUGE insight into love and compassion.


Young Breanna Mendoza was born with an extremely rare condition called Goldenhar Syndrome.  The condition deforms and deteriorates facial structure and has left Breanna with an appearance different from most other children. The result: severe bullying.

But it’s amazing how small acts of compassion can alleviate so much suffering.

First of all, USA Today got a hold of Breanna’s story and simply encouraged people on social media to send her uplifting notes.  The words meant the world to the sweet girl.  Secondly, the Craniofacial Association gave her a free trip to be with other Goldenhar children like her.  You can see her squirm with excitement at the news!

Two things stick out: encouragement and community. Without a reason to smile for most of her life, this video highlights how important these two aspects are to everyone and how they can totally change someone’s life!

Please share to spread the positive message of loving someone through affirmation and friendship!

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