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Powerlifter Hears Cries From Car Wreck & Rushes To Rescue Man Trapped Under SUV.

We’ve all heard the tales (possibly urban legends?) of moms who find superhuman strength when it comes to their babies – enough strength to lift a car, for instance.

29-year-old Ryan Belcher isn’t a mom with a child in danger, he’s just a regular guy who likes to lift weights in his spare time (he can squat 950lbs and deadlift 800lbs – so, maybe not so regular). Thankfully, for a man in Michigan, Ryan is strong enough to even lift a car.


Recently, Ryan was just finishing up a day of work when he heard a loud crash outside his office. When he went to check on it, he saw an overturned SUV and heard a man calling out from under it!

By the time he got to the vehicle, Ryan said there were “a good four men” working together to try to lift the 2-ton SUV. Without hesitation, Ryan jumped into action to see if he could help.


The driver, a man named Montrell, was telling the men that he couldn’t feel his legs, which were still lodged underneath the car. Finally, Ryan was able to gain some leverage and pushed the car up nearly three feet, which was just enough to get Montrell out from under it.

A few days later, Ryan went to visit Montrell in the hospital who unfortunately became paralyzed from the accident, but was alive and beyond grateful for Ryan and the other men that helped save his life.


Ryan has been hailed a hero by doctors, nurses, the media, and of course by Montrell. Still, the powerlifter is humble and said, “I never thought I’d impact someone’s life like I did. He just doesn’t know yet how much he has truly changed mine!”

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