Thousands Applaud Teen’s Actions After Finding $10,000 On Street.

We’ve all grown up with the little rhyme, “see a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!” So, if one penny can bring a day of luck, imagine the lucky life you’d have if you happened upon $10,000.

16-year-old Rhami Zeini actually found himself in this situation.


On Wednesday, September 12, Rhami was on his way home from school and spotted a purse on the side of the road. When he picked up the purse he realized it contained $10,000 in cash. At that point, he looked through the rest of the bag’s contents to try to find contact information for who it belonged to. But, he couldn’t find any identifying information.


Some would have taken this as a sign to take the money and run, but Rhami called his parents, and then headed over to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s office to return the purse. When asked about his decision, Rhami told a local news outlet:

“To me, I figured this is the right thing to do, if I take it and find whoever’s purse it was, because if the roles were reversed and I had lost something with a significant sum of money inside, I know I would want it back for sure.”

The Sheriff’s department was so inspired by Rhami’s honesty that they shared the story on their Facebook page, writing, “In a world where we are bombarded with bad news, we are excited to share a positive story with you. ”


It didn’t take long for followers to take notice of Rhami’s integrity. The Facebook post quickly started filling up with comments, likes, and shares. A local citizen who personally knew Rhami even gave a shout out to his mom, Amal, for raising such an honest young man. Amal expressed how proud she was of her son for knowing “the right thing to do.”


As for the purse’s owner? The Sheriff’s department was able to track her down and return the purse. She believes she lost it after leaving the bag on top of her car and driving off. Once the purse was returned, the owner thanked Rhami by giving him $100.

The bag’s owner was not the only one thanking Rhami for his integrity. The Sheriff’s office Facebook post flooded with sweet messages to the teenager and acknowledgements of his honesty and kind heart.


We couldn’t agree with these Facebook users more!

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