HS Football Team Steps In To Help Paralyzed Man Clean Yard After Devastating Storm.

Rough Riders

In August, Iowa was hit by a derecho, a long-lasting storm with extremely high winds. It left a lot of damage in its wake, including several large fallen trees that required some serious cleanup. 

Ray Drake, who is paralyzed, looked out the window to see his yard covered in debris from the storm, and one large tree had fallen across it. Ray’s sisters are his caretakers and started scouting around trying to find chainsaws so they could clean up the mess. But, when the local high school football team heard about the circumstances, they jumped into action.

Ray’s sister, Janice, had reached out to one of Ray’s old friends, Doug, asking to borrow a chainsaw. He said that when he saw pictures of what his friend’s yard looked like, he thought, “you need more than just one chainsaw, Janice.”

So, Doug helped recruit the high schoolers to help clean up the yard. The boys agreed, and quickly came to assess and clean up the damage, all working together to clear out Ray’s yard. 

Rough Riders

Jackson Neary, a senior, told a local news outlet that helping Ray was a no-brainer for the team. He said, “that’s just what people in Iowa do, we’re all friendly and help each other out.”

With the help of some chainsaws, the boys were able to completely clear out Ray’s yard in only two hours! 

When they were done, the team filed through Ray’s house so he and his sisters could say thank you to them. Ray was all smiles as they came through while his sister’s eyes filled with tears as she praised them for helping her family out during this time. Ray told the news, “I’m blessed” before cheering on the boys’ team, “Go Rough Riders!”

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