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nypd snowball fight

NYPD Officers Respond To Call, Wind Up In Epic Snowball Fight With Neighborhood Kids.

There’s something about fresh snow that brings out the kid in everyone.

Recently, a nor’easter storm dumped several inches of late-season snow on New York City. While the snowfall was beautiful, many city dwellers were irritated by the inconvenience of a spring snowstorm. For the police officers of Brooklyn, it was business as usual as they responded to calls for help around their neighborhood, but then some local kids stepped in and helped them remember what the magic of a snow day is all about.


When two officers were out on patrol, they came across a group of kids who were out enjoying their day off from school. That’s when the fun-loving officers stepped out of their serious law enforcement shoes and engaged in an epic snowball fight!


The police chief himself later tweeted out the video, along with a tongue-in-cheek caption about the kids “assaulting” the officers.

But the story doesn’t end there.

As if the snowball fight weren’t excellent enough, the police officers proceeded to go above and beyond to take care of the kids in their neighborhood. During the battle, the officers noticed the kids weren’t wearing proper gloves. Some of them only had plastic surgical gloves on their hands to protect them from the elements!

The cops knew that plastic wasn’t good enough, so they returned a while later with a fresh pair of gloves for each child.


As the officers passed out the warm gloves, the kids clustered around them eagerly. You can see the joy on their little faces as they get the gift of toasty hands on a cold day.


The NYPD Brooklyn North page shared these photos along with this caption:

In Brooklyn North our community is like a family — acts of kindness take place all the time. These kiddies brought us incredible joy with an impromptu snowball fight, we may have lost but providing them with new gloves had us feeling like the winners!


These officers truly know the meaning of “to protect and serve!” What a wonderful way to let the children of Brooklyn know that the police are their friends and neighbors, always there to help.

Please share this message to say thank you to the officers of NYPD Brooklyn North!

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