Blind, Deaf Puppy Catches Familiar Scent & Totally Lose...

Blind, Deaf Puppy Catches Familiar Scent & Totally Loses It In Sweet Home Video.

Opal may be deaf and blind, but don’t think you’ll be able to pull a fast one over on her that fast.

Dogs use their sniffers the way we use our eyes to get information about the world, and Opal’s is in fine working order despite her handicap. A genetic disorder caused the now-7-month-old Australian shepherd to be born without the ability to see or hear, so since she was a little pup, she’s just navigated the world through her acute sense of smell.

opal puppy

When she was just a wee thing, she loved the smell of formula, but her heart’s biggest desire was to find a real home. And that’s exactly what happened when Washington state residents Forrest Hutchings Bray and his wife Christine picked her up over the summer at the Double J Dog Ranch. They specialize in finding homes for blind and deaf dogs.

christinne bray and opal

Opal suddenly found herself surrounded by all sorts of smells she’d never encountered before, but one of her favorites? The smell of Dad! She completely loses it, every time she catches even the slightest whiff of him driving down the road…

opal smells dad

In this now-viral video, Opal’s doing her thing out in the front yard when Christine hears the car heading their way, so she starts recording.

Opal stops whatever puppy silliness she was doing and her body stiffens as she begins to focus. Her ears perk up and her tail flickers as she hones in on the familiar scent…

opal smelling

And once she’s certain of what’s going on her entire demeanor changes! The tail starts whirring and she starts pacing excitedly, jumping up as if to draw in even more of that delectable scent.


The cutest part about this little welcome-home ritual comes the moment Dad walks through that gate. She’s all over him, jumping up on her hind legs in the purest display of joy and delight you’ve ever seen!

opal jumps on dad

“Awww, she’s been waiting for so long!” Christine says as Opal playfully nips at one of Dad’s sleeves. Forrest is all about play time, so he runs a few feet away and Opal starts circling the yard with her nose held high, trying to find her favorite playmate.

Watch the sweet video below to see that while Opal may not be like other dogs in some ways, she doesn’t let that hold her back from loving life in every way! Don’t forget to share to spread some smiles.

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