Serious Olympians Were Training In Gym, But When Justin Timberlake Comes On… I Can’t Stop Smiling!

olympians dancing to justin timberlake

The Olympians are hard at work preparing for Rio 2016 at the OTC (Olympian Training Center), but everybody needs a break now and then. And what does a #TeamUSA Olympian do with their precious time off? Have a dance party, of course!

The Team USA Facebook account recently uploaded a video of US Olympians jamming to Justin Timberlake’s hit single ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling‘. “Work hard. Play hard. #TeamUSA can’t stop the feeling!” reads the video’s description. And these athletes have got the moves. Well.. Some of them anyway!

Gymnast John Orozco is one of those. He gets his groove on, while standing on the pommel horse.


Bobsledders Jamie Greubelpower and Lauren Gibbs go for more of an interpretive dance approach.


Skeleton racer Dakarai Kongela takes it to the floor with some passionate lip-synching.

Screenshot (133)

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Whether their dancing is on par with Justin Timberlake or whether they play it safe and stick to the classic step-touch (I see you, Sam Mikulak), it’s obvious that all of these Olympians are having a great time.

Check out all of the moves in the video below. You won’t be able to watch it without smiling!

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