National Geographic Films Blind Sisters Seeing For First Time, When They Remove The Gauze I Was In Tears!

Two sisters, Sonia and Anita, have been blind since birth. Both have lived in India their entire lives and have never seen their home for themselves. But a wonderful nonprofit organization named 20/20/20 wanted to change that.


The group’s entire mission statement organized around the idea of restoring 20/20 eyesight to 20 million blind children and adults.

“They call them the ‘needlessly blind’ because the only reason they remain blind is because they are poor. Too poor to afford a simple, low-cost surgery that could restore their eyesight in as little as 15 minutes.

The vast majority of these blind children and adults will never receive this miracle surgery and they will remain blind for the rest of their lives unless someone helps them. That’s why we created 20/20/20. To help provide this miracle surgery for 20 million blind children and adults who would otherwise never receive it.

To give each one of them back, not just their vision, but their future. And a 2nd chance at life that they never thought they’d get.”

When 20/20/20 heard about Sonia and Anita, they stayed true to their mission, giving them a simple eye operation that made it possible for them to see them mom for the first time.

In this short film, Blue Chalk Media shares their moving story while capturing their initial reactions and experiences after the bandages come off.

Here’s the Takeaway: Appreciate what you have.  Humility is the start of thankfulness.

Watch below and share this inspiring triumph today.

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