Mom’s Facebook Plea Gets An Unbelievable Response. What She Asked For Is Heart-Wrenching.

Even as a baby, Mackenzie Moretter stood out from people her age. She was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, a rare disorder that makes her different from other kids. As she turned 10, every kid she invited to her birthday party turned her down, but then her mom decided to do something amazing.

She wrote a plea on Facebook, asking people to please come to her daughter’s birthday party so that she would feel loved, special and happy. Surpassing all hopes, 300 strangers showed up for Mackenzie’s party! Just goes to show that there really are good people in the world who you can depend on… even if you’ve never even met them before.

Here’s our takeaway: Do something kind for a stranger. Show them the love that those 300 people did for Mackenzie! We all have the power to spread happiness and there’s no reason not to act on that.

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