Mom Looks Suspiciously At What’s In Oven, But Daughter’s Hidden Surprise Left Her In Tears!

When a mom was hanging out with her daughter in the kitchen, getting ready to prepare dinner, she had no idea life-changing news was just a few feet away. Standing by the kitchen counter, she talked innocently about letting the meat thaw, whether it would be long enough, etc.

Being an excellent chef’s assistant, her daughter suggested she look in the oven to see if the tray would even fit. Immediately, mom found that something already occupied the heating space…

A single hamburger bun rested on the oven shelf and mom immediately started to let out laughs, understand the joke of ‘Bun in the oven.’ But it’s not even for a few moment until she realizes this is no hypothetical as she says, “Hey, it’s fresh.” Then the reality hits that she’s a grandmother-to-be!

You can hear, on the other side of the camera, “No, I did that! I have a bun in the oven!” Mom is totally taken aback, nearly frozen before being able to offer a huge hug! But once she collects herself, love is beaming from every bone in her body.

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