Tweens Use Hot Coffee To Fight Off Grown Man When He Attacks Their Friend.

Everyone has a fight or flight response in times of chaos or perceived harm. It can be anything between throwing punches right away, standing like a deer in headlights, running away, or screaming as loud as possible.

But for four young girls in Millington, Michigan, their response to a kidnapper was fight – and boy, did they fight.


On August 10, 2018, the girls, ranging in age from 11 to 14-years-old, were grabbing some snacks and drinks inside a local gas station. 22-year-old man, Bruce Hipkins, was also in the convenience store … and he was strangely watching the girls.

As the group left the store, Hipkins followed them. After crossing the street, Hipkins grabbed 11-year-old Allison Eickhoff and said, “You’re coming with me.”

Instead of running away, the three other girls stuck by Allison and started hitting and kicking Hipkins. He eventually lost his hold on Allison and grabbed one of the other girls by her hair. The group continued to fight back and even threw their drinks, including a hot coffee, at him as they tried to get free.

Once Hipkins lost his grip on the second girl, he took off, and the girls ran to a nearby hotel to call for help.

Allison and her sister Lauren, 13, credit the survival tactics to their father, Aaron Eickhoff. Allison said that he, “taught [her] a few moves” such as “aim[ing] for the neck, start punching, kicking, screaming, everything you can do to just get them away.”

ABC News

Aaron eventually made it to the scene and was, understandably, shaken up by the whole thing. When asked by a local news station how he felt, he responded with, “Rage, as a father, rage. You don’t want anything like this ever and you never expect it to happen.”

Aaron taught his girls well, though. The Police Chief, Jason Oliver, was impressed with their survival skills and said, “they did exactly what they should’ve done in that situation. A lot of girls would’ve ran, but they decided to fight and stay together. They did an amazing job.”

Though he tried to run away from the scene, Hipkins was caught by police and arrested. You can see him below with coffee stains all over his shirt. After his arrest it was discovered that he suffers from a neurological or mental health problem, which contributed to his behavior.

Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office

Wise beyond her years, Allison said she was thankful she fought and that she’s “mad, but [she wants Hipkins] to get the help he needs.”

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