Stunning Viral Video Shows Man With Cerebral Palsy Defying Odds By Deadlifting 200 Lbs.

For 24-year-old Miles Taylor, the idea of being disabled because of his cerebral palsy is just plain silly. For him, his CP is not a disability — it’s a his motivation.


“I have CP, CP doesn’t have me!” Miles proclaims on his popular Instagram page. Miles, who goes by the nickname “Smiles” because of his terrific attitude and permanent grin, was diagnosed with CP when he was very young. Cerebral palsy effects muscle tone and movement, so Miles dedicated himself to becoming as strong and physically fit as he possibly can in order to overcome his CP in his daily life.


Miles and his coach Nic have been training together for years now, and Miles continues to overcome the odds and reach new pinnacles of success in the strength training community. Traveling the country as a motivational speaker, Miles spreads his message that having a disability does not define who you are. Quite simply, he refuses to reduce his self value with a label, and he wants others to know that they too have the ability to achieve anything they set their mind to do.


In a video that Miles recently uploaded to his social media pages, we get a front-row seat to one of the incredible milestones that this young man has hit through his work in the gym. As Nic crouches anxiously by his side, Miles stands over a barbell loaded up with 200 pounds of steel.

Taking care with his form and breath, Miles focuses his attention on the weight in his hands and the encouraging smile of his trainer as he heaves the heavy weight up.


Soon other lifters have come over to watch Miles reach this achievement, smiling broadly as he hefts the weight up and holds it briefly before setting the 200 pounds back on the floor. Naturally, Nic is the first one there to give his best student a big hug!


For reference, bear in mind that Miles himself only weighs 99 pounds! He lifted twice his own body weight and he made it look easy. Just one week earlier Miles had beat his own personal record of lifting 150 pounds; now here he is dead lifting more than twice his body weight!

The video of Miles’s accomplishment swiftly went viral, with one very famous former weight-lifting champion chiming in. Yes, that’s former “Mr. Universe” Arnold Schwarzenegger sharing the video with the caption, “I have a new hero.”


We couldn’t agree more, Arnold. We love Miles’s attitude and message, and his physical achievements are truly mind-blowing! We have to agree with his “mind over matter” mentality because it’s clearly working for him.

Take a look at Miles setting his own personal best of 200 pounds in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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