Favorite Teacher Has Best Reaction When Student Surprises Her With Big College News.

Teaching is often a thankless job, but there are moments that make it all worthwhile.

High school senior Max Pacheco of Forsyth, Georgia, is the kind of person who genuinely appreciates the work his teachers do. So when he found out he was admitted to the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the first things he wanted to do was show gratitude.


Max has wanted to go to Georgia Tech since he was in seventh grade, so he’s been working hard all throughout high school. During that time, one individual in particular inspired him to achieve his goals.

Dr. Gloria Green, his AP Spanish teacher, is one of his all-time favorites and wrote him a letter of recommendation that helped him fulfill his dreams. That’s why as soon as he received the amazing news, he purchased a dozen yellow roses and headed to Gloria’s classroom.

A friend recorded the sweet moment, so we can see that as soon as Gloria finds out, she literally begins jumping for joy!


“When I told her I got into [Georgia Tech], she just went nuts,” Max said later. “She started hugging me, she started dancing, and it really made me tear up because you can really see and feel how much she cared about me. She knew that it was my dream to go to Tech and how hard I worked for it.”

He shared a video of her response on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. How could it not? Students and teachers everywhere understand what a wonderful relationship these two have!


As for Gloria, a teacher of 27 years, Max’s admission meant the world to her, especially because her son attends Georgia Tech!

“I was very, very happy,” she said. “It felt like it was my own child going to college.”


Great job acknowledging the people who helped you along the way, Max! We hope other teachers see this video and realize how important they are in their students’ lives.

Watch Gloria’s terrific reaction to Max’s big news in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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