Man Leaves A Working Fridge In His Front Yard And Starts A Movement To Feed The Hungry

man sets up fridge outside to feed the hungry

A man in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia just came up with the genius idea of a “charity fridge.” He put a refrigerator outside his home and encouraged people to donate food for the needy.


He’s chosen to stay anonymous, but his idea has already inspired numerous locals to donate leftovers and fresh food. People are free to take food as they wish, guaranteed one more meal than they were days before.

This idea for a charity is fresh and simple, but it goes a long way in helping others. It only takes one person to make a difference and inspire others to pursue actions like these.

man puts fridge outside of home to feed the needy
Image via The Higher Learning

A family in Qatar followed the idea and put a fridge outside of their home full of refreshments, yogurt, bread, and fruits for construction workers and they plan on keeping the fridge out all year. Glad to see this awesome idea is catching on!

qatari family leaves stocked fridge outside for construction workers in the heat
Image via Kindness Blog

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