Man Hears Cries In Canal, Then Looks Closer & Sees Baby With Umbilical Cord Still Attached.

Nail Marin Ceja was walking through the streets of Jalisco, Mexico when something unusual caught his eye.


The bundle he spotted near the sidewalk was not a strange sight in its own right, but something drew Ceja’s eye… he cautiously walked over for a closer look. There, wrapped in a wrinkled and stained blanket, was an hours old child with her umbilical cord still attached.


Shocked at what he’d discovered, Ceja gathered his thoughts and called emergency services who took the little one to Zapopan General Hospital in Jalisco for treatment.

Ceja followed the ambulance to the hospital to keep an eye on the child and and help investigators piece together the circumstances of her abandonment. When it became clear that the mother and father were nowhere to be found, Ceja decided it was no coincidence he’d found the child.


With his family’s blessing and support, Ceja decided to start the adoption process and give the little girl a second chance after such a traumatic start to life.


It’s nice to know there are people like Ceja in the world. He, like many of us, saved the child’s life… but to take the extra step and adopt her forever? That is a very rare and beautiful kind of love.

Check out more of the story in the video below.

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