Thousands Of Grad Students Are Homeless, But This One Is Determined To Do Something About It

A young PhD student stumbled upon an online video series documenting homelessness and decided to reach out to producer Lisa Biagiotti and schedule an interview. He revealed that his collegiate career didn’t go as planned, and wanted to tell the world his story.

That student was Louis Tse, a 26-yr-old grad student and doctoral candidate at UCLA. The wunderkind is the very definition of scholastic success, but all this education has left Louis in a tough place.

Louis is homeless.

When dormitory, tuition and other costs became too much for the fulltime doctoral student to handle, he decided to ditch four walls for his four door sedan. For the last year, Louis has been living out of his car, showering on the beach and working like a madman on his thesis.

According to Louis, the moment he lost it all was the moment he realized he could do with less. His situation, though not ideal, is comfortable enough in his mind.

The young student has a heart for others in his situation, and in his  spare time Louis is advocating for other homeless students and youth. He is in the process of building a homeless shelter specifically for students without housing and is anxiously awaiting the day the when the first shelter student graduates with his help.

Check out his story below and share to spread awareness for his cause.

Louis Tse is a 26-year-old UCLA doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering. He's also homeless.

Posted by Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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