Kindness Card Travels 100s Of Miles To Make Overwhelmed Mom’s Night.


A family in Pennsylvania has found a wonderful way to pay tribute to their late son while spreading random acts of kindness.

In 2019, the Thomas family of Meyersdale suffered an unimaginable loss when their son Trevor, a star athlete and friend to many, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Every year since his passing, his loved ones have celebrated his birthday by spreading the sort of love and kindness their son was known for.

Their heartwarming campaign encourages people to perform a random act of kindness for a stranger and then hand out a card encouraging the recipient to share the moment online using the hashtag #liveliketrev23.

“Trevor Paul Thomas 2/19/98 – 9/1/19,” the card reads. “If you receive this card, then you must be a recipient of a random act of kindness. Please consider making a post to share your experience. In order for the Thomas family to see it, the post will have to be public, and please use #liveliketrev23.”

The card concludes, “‘Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.'”

Liveliketrev23 card

Over the years, many people have received the cards along with an act of kindness and have shared the experience online. It seems that each and every recipient of these cards was surprised and thrilled by the unexpected compassion shown to them.

These cards really make people’s days, and they’re all moved when they hear the story behind the good deeds.

liveliketrev23 facebook post

One recent recipient of a #liveliketrev23 card is Liana Arruda, who was dining at Home Plate restaurant in Taunton, Massachusetts, at the time.

Liana had just taken her son and his sister to a Halloween trunk-or-treat event, and she and the “sugared up” kids grabbed a bite to eat. Her tab came to about $80, but when she went to pay, she was told the ladies sitting at a nearby table had covered the bill for them. Not only that, but they’d also insisted that their server not tell Liana about their good deed until they had left the restaurant.

“I almost wanted to cry because it was just really selfless and thoughtful. I was with two young kids, so they can get a little crazy and overwhelming,” Liana said. “What made them pick me like out of everybody? Because there was a ton of people in there. … I just thought it was really, really kind of them.”

When Liana saw the card, she looked up the hashtag online and found out about Trevor’s passing. She was astounded to see that the card must have traveled at least 500 miles from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts! She later learned that the woman who’d shared the card with her was none other than Trevor’s mother, Brenda Pritts Thomas, who was in town visiting her daughter.

Liana said she “held it together” on the phone when someone called to let her know it was Trevor’s mom and sister who’d bought their meal, but as soon as she hung up, she “bawled like a baby.”

“I was shocked and so touched. This is something we will never forget ladies. Thank you,” she wrote.

They may have lost their son, but this family has found a way to touch so many lives with kindness and generosity. Trevor’s giving spirit lives on in each and every random act of kindness performed in his honor.

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