4-Yr-Old Lines Up Her 6 Pit Bulls Before Dinner. The Way They Interact Is Too Cute For Words!

Research has shown that dogs have been man’s best friend for the better part of 10,000 years. Shortly after humans started establishing settlements, they began breeding dogs for protection, herding, and companionship. The relationship has been celebrated and nurtured for so long that the bond comes almost instantly whenever we come in contact.


In the video below, the incredible relationship that humans share with canines has never been more clear. A little girl stands in front of six fully grown pit bulls as they wait for their evening meal. Anyone might expect the hungry dogs to rush in and snap up their dinner… but things got interesting in a hurry.

She called the pups by name and asked each to sit individually. There were a few rowdy dogs that tried to sneak in and grab a bite, but one word from the little tyke stopped them in their tracks.

They waited patiently as the cute little girl dumped out their meal on the kitchen floor. She dropped bucket after bucket as their little tails wagged in anxious anticipation until finally she gave the word,”Ok!”

In a flash, all six pit bulls rushed in and claimed their spot at the dinner table.

Check out the adorable, and quite incredible, display of canine discipline in the video below and share today!


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