No One Wanted This Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk Until He Found His Match Made In Heaven.

When it comes to love, we like to believe some things are meant to be!


One day, a 4-week-old puppy showed up at Road Dogs & Rescue in Los Angeles, California. As soon as staff members saw him try to walk, they knew finding him the perfect home would be difficult.

The tiny dog had no feeling or control over his hind legs, so he dragged them behind him and used only his front legs to get around. Thankfully, Teddy was otherwise healthy and had a vivacious personality!

They put him up for adoption and received zero applications, so a foster mom stepped up to bring him home. Cheryl and her husband flew all the way to Los Angeles from New York City before driving Teddy back across the country to their home.

As Teddy continued to grow, his rear legs began to literally get in his way. He would trip and stumble over them so often that a veterinarian finally recommended his back legs be amputated.

Thankfully, Cheryl said he did “remarkably well,” and now he gets along just fine!

Not to mention, the dry spell on his adoption front finally came to an end when a New Yorker named Liona put in an application. The moment Teddy was placed in her arms, everyone knew they were meant to be!

“When I saw him in person for the first time, I started crying,” the new dog mom said. “He just like, melted into my arms and it was so perfect.”

These days, the precious pup has grown even bigger and stronger and is fully comfortable keeping up with his canine siblings and human friends!

Liona said he has a big personality and loves to use his voice. She calls his “conversations” Ted Talks, and they’re just too cute!

Not only has Liona been a huge help to Teddy, but he has also inspired her to keep going, no matter how tough life gets.

“He just keeps me grounded and reminds me that there’s no reason to ever give up,” she explained. “I know that he may seem imperfect to others, but to me, he’s perfect the way that he is.”

Aw, he looks pretty perfect to us too! This adoption was obviously a match made in heaven. We’re wishing Teddy and Liona all the best as they continue to live their best lives!

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