Kristen Bell Trapped In Hurricane Irma, So She Gives Evacuees “Magical” Surprise.

Previously a Category 4 hurricane, Irma has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it continues to bear down on Florida and Georgia. As many people remain uncertain about the status of their homes, stories of hopefulness emerge from shelters all over the Sunshine State.

While filming in Florida, Kristen Bell, who’s known for her roles in various movies including Frozen, learned that she wouldn’t be able to leave in time to escape the storm. Making the most of it, she stocked up on essentials and opted to ride out the storm in her hotel.


But before long, she decided to venture out and spread good cheer to others in her situation.

First, she met and talked with dozens of senior citizens who had been evacuated to her hotel.


She even called a few rounds of Bingo!


Later, when the power went out, they even had wheelchair races in the halls!

After putting a call out on social media for sound equipment, Bell headed out to brighten a few other Irma victims’ days.


She took the piano, mic, and amp with her to Meadow Woods Middle School, where she improvised a few Frozen performances with the help of some backup dancers.


She wrote, “When you’re #singinginahurricane, your volunteer back up dancers can & will steal the show. Richard and Rebecca everyone! #hurricaneirma”

Families with children watched as Bell selflessly performed for a small audience.

This was today's wonderful surprise from Kristen Bell to Meadow Woods Middle School shelter! She's amazing! @meadowwoodsms

Posted by Meadow Woods Middle School on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Her kind act certainly took everyone’s minds off the storm if only for a few moments.

AWESOME! Frozen's Kristen Bell, stuck in Orlando due to Hurricane Irma, visits local shelter to sing for kids riding out storm inside.

Posted by WJXT4 The Local Station / News4JAX on 10. september 2017

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