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Kristen Bell Calls “Frozen” Fan With Brain Cancer As Princess Anna In Touching Video.

No matter what you think about celebrities, there’s no denying the power they have to bring love and laughter to their fans.

In June of 2015, Avery Huffman was a normal 6-year-old girl who had just finished kindergarten and adored the Disney movie “Frozen.” After complaining to her parents about double vision in her right eye, several trips to specialists revealed a horrifying diagnosis for Avery and her family:  Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a cancerous brain tumor on the lower back of the brain, near the top of the spinal cord.


Avery’s family was devastated by the news, but they launched themselves into caring for their daughter while seeking out the most aggressive treatment possible for the fatal illness. Avery underwent 30 radiation therapy sessions and other arduous medical treatments, hoping to slow the growth of the tumor, at the very least.


Just a month into treatment, Avery was feeling poorly one afternoon when her parents pulled out a cell phone for a very special surprise. Dad Brandon Huffman recorded the moment when Avery looked on in amazement as a very familiar voice drifted out of the cell phone in his wife’s hand.

It was Princess Anna from Avery’s favorite movie, “Frozen!” Otherwise known as actress Kristen Bell.


When Kristen heard about Avery and her story, she didn’t hesitate to reach out as Anna to send a message of love and support for her young fan. Kristen got fully into character and dropped lots of names Avery knew, like her pet rabbit “Hoppy Jumpy.” The look of shock and joy on Avery’s face when she hears ‘Anna’ mention her pet is beyond heartwarming!


Kristen even took a moment to consult with her fictional sister, Princess Elsa, and then informed Avery that she was now an official member of the “Frozen” family.

“She has decided to crown you as an honorary princess of Arendelle!” Kristen announced happily, and Avery simply glows with pleasure.


We always love when a celebrity takes time out to speak with or comfort a fan, but this particular effort is all the sweeter because poor Avery was so very sick. Just being able to provide her with a few moments of excitement means so much. Thank you, Kristen.

Watch little Avery reacting to her special phone call from Arendelle in the video below, and don’t forget to share this beautiful moment.


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