Cruel Kids Mock Disfigured Target Employee Until This Mom Calls Them Out.

Mary Katherine Backstorm was at Target preparing for a vacation when she witnessed a horrible act of cruelty that could not be ignored.

Mary was in the checkout line with all the trappings of her upcoming beach trip, when she noticed a young boy and girl, about 11 or 12-years-old, in front her snickering at the cashier. The man had very obviously endured some serious type of head trauma that left his face scarred.


He had visible surgical staples running up his forehead and ‘droopy’ eyes that only added to his unusual appearance. Then she realized the truth…

The kids were mocking him.

Enraged, Mary watched as the siblings attempted to take a picture of the man to post to Snapchat for their friends to see. Shaking with anger, Mary caught up with the kids outside and gave them a piece of her mind.


She then decided to ask how they were getting home. When they divulged their mother would be there soon, she decided to wait and tell their mother the truth.

She expected the worst, but what happened instead restored her faith.

Check out her explanation of the encounter in the video below.

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