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kelly clarkson and cher

Kelly Clarkson Goes Full Fan-Girl When She Meets Cher On The Red Carpet.

Meeting a celebrity is exciting no matter who you are — even if you’re a big-time celeb yourself.

When it comes to musical idols, Cher is right up there alongside other great divas like Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Celine Dion. Most people would feel nervous and intimidated in the presence of such a big superstar, and diva-in-training Kelly Clarkson is no exception.


While Kelly was on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., she paused for an interview with AJ Calloway of “Extra.” As soon as she started chatting with AJ, though, it was clear that she was nervous, and she quickly clued him in as to why she was “sweating like a pig.”

“I hear Cher right now,” Kelly confides. “I hear Cher. She’s right behind me right now. I can’t even talk about it. I’ve never met her.”

Sure enough, the camera pans out and there is the legend herself, looking beautiful and gracious as she gives interviews of her own. Kelly leans in close to AJ, imploring him not to say anything because she simply can’t predict how her body is going to react to meeting the Hollywood icon.

“No, don’t do anything either. It’ll make me so nervous I’ll want to cry,” Kelly says in a hushed tone. “We’re not talking about it. We’re totally fine. I’m fine.”

Seconds later, Cher turns towards her and Kelly is forced to face her fears. Naturally, Cher could not be classier about meeting Kelly.


“Oh, hi. Hi, I’m Kelly Clarkson,” Kelly gushes as the two embrace. “Nice to meet you. I’ve never met you. I’ve been talking about you the whole time, going, ‘She’s right behind me!’ I’m a big fan. Obviously. Everyone is here. I’m gonna stop talking. Okay. Yeah, I’m a little… I get very nervous.”

Cher remains poised and tells Kelly how glad she is to meet her, and as soon as the interaction is over Kelly turns back to AJ and breathes a huge sigh of relief. “I’m sweating even more. I’m sweating… This is like when I met Meryl Streep!” she exclaims.


Kelly, we are right there with you, girlfriend! Most of us mere mortals would feel overwhelmed in the presence of such a huge star as well. Then again, we’d feel nervous if we ever got to meet Kelly, too! Thankfully, something tells us that Kelly would also be incredibly nice and understanding of our nerves!

Watch Kelly meet Cher for the first time in the video below, and don’t forget to share this adorable moment with your friends.

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