Simon Cuts Off Singer 10 Seconds Into Audition, But Upset Judges Fight Back.

judge upset as simon stops song

When 16-year-old Jodie Bird stepped up to audition for the panel of judges on Britain’s Got Talent, she was undoubtedly nervous. Not just because she was preparing to audition on live television, but because she was taking a big risk with her song choice! Jodie planned to sing “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” a song made famous by the legendary Barbara Streisand. When a song becomes another artist’s signature, it’s automatically difficult to cover it well, but the bold teenager stepped onto the stage hoping the risk would pay off.


Within moments, her heart sank as she saw Simon’s hand go in the air. The audition had barely begun when Simon stopped her and asked, “Can I hear something a little less smiley and just a better song? What else have you got?”

But– before Jodie can even answer– the other judges rush to her defense! One judge said it was a “terrible shame” that Simon had cut the song off. “Can’t we finish?” another judge asked Simon. “I want to be able to hear her sing the whole thing!”

Simon shrugs and allows Jodie to continue with the song. But he wasn’t expecting her to dive in with such enthusiasm and blow everyone away!

The lyrics couldn’t be more perfect for the triumphant moment, and Jodie even changes one lyric so that it’s aimed right at Simon.

In the end, the judges agree: Jodie didn’t just recover from the nerve-wracking moment, she owned it! Jodie sang her heart out!

“You need to have a strong back-bone in musical theatre,” says one judge, “and I think you’re made of titanium.”

Check out Jodie’s spirited audition below! Don’t miss the moment where Simon himself admits that Jodie exceeded his expectations.

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