I Never Wanted Prince Charming.


He never rides in on a white horse.
He is the furthest thing from Prince Charming that you will ever meet.
He is not the clean-cut type.
He is not the forever type.
He is moody and uncertain.
He is complex and unpredictable.
If packages didn’t have labels and every time you open a box, you were in for a surprise, well, that is what he is like.

You get his best, and you get his worst.
His ride around town is a rusty, old pick-up truck with a change container inside, front and center, to buy you the sweetest Diet Dr. Pepper he can afford.

His hands are rough.
He is a midwest boy who is country at heart.
Definitely not the suit and tie type.

He will bring you the flowers that are a bargain.
And they will become the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen.
He can’t give you diamonds.
He can’t take you all over the world.
He can’t give you that ring every little Cinderella dreams of having.
He can’t even promise you tomorrow.
But he will create many tomorrows with you.
His heart is tied to another.
He is battered and broken.
He is terrified to love again.
He is everything most tell you to run from.
They say he has too much baggage, he is too damaged, he is not good for you, and he is not ready for you.
Well, whatever he is —
He is everything I ever wanted.


I have thrown the perfect man checklist out the window.
He is my exception to every rule.
There are no conditions with him; there just is.
He lights up my world. Every. Single. Time.

Forget the 4th of July.
Those fireworks go off in my heart with every memory we made.
He doesn’t need to bring me flowers, not even the “affordable” ones.
He can pick weeds and bring them to me or bring me nothing at all.
As long as it is him showing up, I am at ease.

His smile makes you realize that there is nowhere you need to go.
No destination is necessary.
He will even turn parking lots into ballrooms.
As I said, you don’t need to go anywhere special with him.
He is your destination.
He lights up this town like he lights up my soul.
He never cares who is watching.
He just makes you feel beautiful.

That is why:
You just need to be.
Be in the moment with him.
He is the one that makes you forget the world.
Problems don’t exist when he is making you laugh.
He is pure joy.

His kisses are the best thing you will ever taste.
Those kisses of his are not just kisses.
I’ve had kisses.
These are different.
When he touches your lips, it outweighs any other kiss you’ve ever had.
It comes from someplace deeper.

Maybe it is raw chemistry.
Maybe it is one of the rarities in life.
The stuff that’s too good to be true.
The stuff that you only find once in a lifetime.
The stuff that makes you take every emotional risk, no matter how badly it may cut you later.
He is a storm.
But you want him to drench you.

See, I wasn’t going to meet him.
I told him no on that Easter Sunday that started it all.
You know, because he didn’t meet that perfect man checklist.
Somehow, he thought like I did.
He was a risk-taker.
I usually am, too.
But, he seemed like too much of a risk.
He gave me a reason to believe that meeting him could create magic.
And meeting him did.

Did the prince and his princess walk away into the sunset since that day?
Not even close.
We’ve walked through mud and murky water.
As I also said, he is not Prince Charming.
And I am the furthest thing from a princess.
I’d rather shoot ammo at a range (he taught me how to shoot) and write words that cut as my soul bleeds black, forget red.
I’d rather love the one who isn’t the best for life’s circumstances, but rather the best for setting my soul on pure fire.
The kind of fire that you never want to stop burning.

I was never a normal girl, and he was never the normal guy.
Our story never went how stories are supposed to go.
But, it’s the only story I ever wanted to be a part of.
The kind you wait your whole life to create.
The kind that you will re-read, again and again, replaying every memory in your head.
Because I learned…
I never wanted Prince Charming; I just wanted him.

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