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Little Girl Can’t Remember Her Age, Has Parents In Stitches Every Time They Ask ‘How Old Are You?’

Have you ever struggled with telling someone your age? Not out of hesitancy, but just pure forgetfulness. I know that I’ve had a complete brain fart a time or two when giving someone my basic info, but 2-year-old Hadley has forever taken internet fame with her, ‘what’s my age again?’ moment(s).

Hadley is just a little girl, but the toddler went internet famous recently when America’s Funniest Home Videos received what may be the most relatable and hilarious situation ever.


For the duration of the video, mom and dad ask Hadley repeatedly, and on different occasions, “How old are you Hadley?” Without fail the tiny tyke answers, “One!”


The trouble is, Hadley’s second birthday passed weeks before.


Befuddled at her confusion, Hadley’s parents gently correct her and remind her that she is, in fact, now two years old…. but the little one just seems to miss the point.


Check out the hilarious altercation in the video below! Share and spread the laughs.

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