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Siblings Rescued During Holocaust Finally Reunite With Woman Who Saved Their Family.

There are countless tales of bravery in the face of danger that emerged after World War II.

It has been more than 70 years since Melpomeni Dina set eyes on Sarah Yanai and Yossi Mor, two siblings whose lives she saved when the Nazis invaded their hometown in Greece during the war. Now, 92, Melpomeni was finally reunited with not just Sarah and Yossi, but their large extended family who would not exist were it not for her kindness.

Sarah and Yossi were children when the Nazis invaded their town. Melpomeni was 14 when they, along with their mother and three other siblings, turned up on the doorstep of the one-room home she shared with her two older sisters. Melpomeni’s sister Efthimia had formed a friendship with the children’s’ mother, so they agreed to let the family hide in their home in spite of the incredible risk involved. Even though they didn’t have much to spare, the sisters even shared their meager food rations to keep them alive.

“They were a very poor family. They saved us because they loved my mother for her good heart,” said Yossi. “[Melpomeni] reminded me how we used to play together. Thanks to her, we have our large and beautiful family.”


For Melpomeni, hiding the family was “the right thing to do.” After the Nazis discovered their hiding spot the sisters once again risked everything to help them, ushering them into the Vermio mountains and continuing to bring them food and supplies until the war ended.

Now, Sarah and Yossi are healthy and surrounded by 40 members of their large, loving family. The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial facilitated the reunion in Jerusalem, where the children who grew up hearing stories of how Melpomeni and her sister saved them during the war. With tears in their eyes, each descendant embraced the woman whose bravery is legendary in their family.

“She said now, she saw Yossi, me and all our family, she can die quietly,” said Sarah. “She’s very happy.”


According to the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, this may be one of the last reunions of this kind because so many survivors have passed away or are incapacitated. Seeing the emotion on this family’s faces shows us how important it is to recall this chapter of human history and honor those who never let dire circumstances keep them from doing the right thing.

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