Trucker Notices Van Swerving, Then Sees Unconscious Driver & Springs Into Life-Saving Action.

In an astonishing act of bravery — and quick thinking to wit — a flatbed truck driver managed to not only save the life of an incapacitated motorist, but also prevent a potential pile-up on a roadway in eastern England.


The driver, 53-year-old Russell Dagless, noticed the white van ahead of him swerve erratically then crash into and bounce off the center divider. As he passed, Dagless looked inside and saw the driver slumped at the wheel, seemingly unconscious, while the van continued speeding along the divider in the emergency lane.

While another Good Samaritan jumped out of a moving SUV behind the van, Dagless maneuvered his truck to the right, stopping the van by pinning it against the concrete divider.


Working together, he and two other motorists pulled the unconscious driver — who had suffered a subdural hematoma — out of the van and performed first aid until medical help could arrive.

Dagless was later honored with the Testimonial on Vellum award from the Royal Humane Society, a charity that recognizes acts of bravery. The Testimonial on Vellum is given to those who put themselves in considerable danger to save another’s life.


Dagless remains humble about the incident, but a member of the society called it “like a scene from an all-action movie. It showed incredible courage and resourcefulness to instantly assess the scene and take the action he did … He richly deserves the award.â€

Click the video below, which captured the entire incident, and share! 

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