Mom Catches Tiny Tot Sneaking Pony Into House For Bathtime & Dies Laughing.

For some families, their dogs are full-fledged family members with all the same rights and privileges as their human counterparts, which includes the bathtub and shower (although that’s a right/privilege most dogs could do without).

And for at least one young family member in a Northwich, Cheshire household, that honorary status extends to her Shetland pony.


Three-year-old Harriet wants them to continue their winning streak, and it’s up to her to keep her trusty steed clean and presentable. So when Harriet’s mom, Helen Mylott, heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom recently, it was kind of odd since Harriet isn’t old enough to take a shower.

Oh no, she thought. Not again.

But sure enough as she peered through the doorway, she found her daughter dressed in bright red rain boots and pink swimsuit washing her pony…inside. One hand was working the lather into Wicked’s coat, the other holding the shower nozzle.


“Harriet, what are you doing?”

“I’m giving him a bath.”


Yes, we can see that. In double, actually, because this little debacle is being reflected nicely off the dark, wetly glistening floor.

Wicked, meanwhile, is getting increasingly agitated. He knew he shouldn’t have gone along with this! But by the time he started having second thoughts, he was already tied to the towel holder so it’s not like he had a choice in the matter.


He keeps his head hung low, refusing to meet Helen’s gaze, then begins pawing at the floor, as if trying to dig a hole to crawl into. But what’s the point? They’ve already been caught and the whole thing’s almost over anyway, so he just stands there patiently while Harriet starts drying him off. Hopefully they’ll both live to see their next bath time.

Little girls and their ponies, what’re you gonna do? Watch Helen catch this adorable duo in the act down below, and share to spread some laughs!

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