Groomsman Borrows Friend’s Shoes And Sends Hilarious Updates On Their Adventures.

When a man named Matt lent a pair of dress shoes to a friend attending a wedding, he didn’t anticipate laughing all night.

Mat didn’t go himself, so as a favor, he asked the groomsman to send pictures of the ceremony — and, jokingly, the shoes. Amused, his friend decided to oblige with a literal approach, focusing solely on the pair, not the newlyweds.

The groomsman proceeded to send a flurry of live updates, all from the shoes’ perspective. The pair relaxed on the grass, sparked a shoe-mance with other formal footwear…

…and kicked back, enjoying the view. All the while, Matt couldn’t stop laughing as he received picture after picture.

The bride and groom had no idea these shoes had stolen their spotlight — they only appeared in a few of the photos!

“I had to be a bit crafty to get the photos during the ceremony, but I think I was pretty sneaky for most of them,” the groomsman told Bored Panda.

And while Matt pretended not to be a fan of his shoe-centric humor, he couldn’t stop himself from chuckling at each new message.

“He kept saying he was upset but I think he thought it was pretty funny as well,” the groomsman added. “We had fun documenting the wedding in an unconventional way.”

One thing’s for sure: even though Matt couldn’t make it, he and his friend (and the shoes) had one unforgettable night!

The pictures were too hilarious for either to keep to themselves, so Matt’s friend shared them on Imgur, where they cracked up thousands!

“This is beautiful. What a story,” one person wrote. “There was build up, climax, a sunset closure for the the true love pair in the triangle with the human.”

This guy is a shoe-in for funniest groomsman ever! If he ever decides to pursue professional photography, we already know what his specialty will be!

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