89 Year-Old Grandma Agrees To Be A Bridesmaid, Reminds Us Friendship Goes Beyond Age.

Bridesmaids: some brides have 20 and some have none, some choose friends, and some… choose grandmas.


Pennsylvania bride Christine Quinn chose her 89 year-old grandmother, Betty Govern, to stand beside her on her wedding day. When she asked “Nana Betty” to be a bridesmaid, Nana was flattered but didn’t understand why she wanted an old lady up there with her.

To Christine it was obvious. Nana Betty was one of her best friends.

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photos by sweetwaterportraits

So, after some gentle coaxing, Betty said yes. She even agreed to wear the bridesmaid dress.

Christine told Huffington Post “While she doesn’t live that close, we have continually made it a point to spend as much time together as possible. She just has an amazing sense of humor and outlook on life that I strive to emulate every day. Everyone loves her.”

When the wedding day arrived, Betty kept everyone entertained with her lively commentary. And instead of heading home early like she anticipated, this grandmother took the party bus to the reception and danced the night away!

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photo by sweetwaterportraits

Having been married herself for over 50 years, Betty Govern knows a lot about marriage.

But on the wedding day, Christine reported Nana asking one question: “Are you happy?” When Christine said she was, Nana replied, “Good, that’s all I need to hear. Let’s get this show on the road.”

Betty has the unique beauty and spirit that comes with those who embrace getting older. Share her story to spread the love!

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