Off-Duty Paramedic Revives Man With No Pulse Thanks To Alert From Lifesaving App.

Technology doesn't just have the power to improve and simplify our lives. It can also save them. When it comes to medical emergencies as critical as cardiac arrests, every second counts. Paramedic response times could mean the difference between life and death. Andrew Crellin isn't sure if he'd be here today if not for the app that sent help before an ambulance even arrived. The 49-year-old doctor from Melbourne, Australia, recently collapsed in his home in the middle of the night. While his family rushed to call emergency services, it was off-duty paramedic Jess Handley who reached him first... still wearing her pajamas. That's because she uses the GoodSam app. The app sends cell phone alerts to nearby people with first aid training in the event an ambulance is dispatched to respond to a life-threatening emergency. Jess was asleep when the alert came through, but she hopped straight out of bed when she heard it. "I didn’t even take the time to get out of my pajamas - I just threw on a hoodie and went down to Andrew’s house," Jess told 9News. By the time she got there, Andrew had no pulse. Jess immediately began helping his son perform CPR until the ambulance arrived. And thanks to her fast response, Andrew pulled through. When the app first released, it only allowed medical professionals to participate. Now anyone in the region with basic CPR and first aid training can volunteer, and the app has over 40,000 trained volunteers registered. “It is reassuring to know that you may have your neighbor or someone in your apartment building potentially come to your assistance when you need them most," said Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos. According to her, Andrew is one of 20 cardiac arrest victims who've been revived with the app's help over the last year. And it's bound to save many more. "Those first few minutes when someone is performing CPR can make a world of difference," Ambulance Victoria CEO Tony Walker said — not only for the patients, but for the families who won't have to bury their loves ones. Talk about using technology for good! Learn more about the lifesaving app in the video below, and share to spread the word!
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