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Firefighter Groom Pulls Out Full Gear To Retrieve Garter In Hilarious Video.

Planning the perfect wedding means putting your own personal spin on all the old traditions.

When firefighter and EMT Bubba McLaughlin of Concord, North Carolina thought about the traditional garter toss for his wedding to Megan Lambert, he knew he had to incorporate his unique line of service into the event. He knew his bride-to-be would be okay with a little firefighter humor. After all, she did include a firetruck in some of their engagement photos.

firefighter groom garter toss

Bubba asked one of his groomsmen, who is also a firefighter at the Atwell Fire Department, to help him make this simple tradition a whole lot more entertaining for their guests.

Boy, did they ever succeed! The resulting video is downright hysterical. As a rocking country song plays in the background, Bubba and his friends, both in full gear, prepare for the big moment when Bubba will risk his life (ha ha) by searching for the elusive bridal garter. Approaching his bride carefully, Bubba is doing a great job of acting cautiously.


He carefully lifts the hem of Megan’s dress, but decides pretty quickly that it’s too dark in there to locate his prize. No worries — he’s got his own flashlight. Of course!


After a few moments of rustling around under Megan’s dress, Bubba emerges victorious, garter belt in hand. Holding it high above his head, he basks in the laughter of his friends and family members.


We can only imagine what fun Bubba is to hang out with at home, and at the fire house! He had us in stitches in just a few short seconds, which bodes well for Megan. After all, if you’ve got a husband who makes you laugh, married life is a whole lot easier!


Congratulations, Megan and Bubba! Wishing you both a lifetime of love and laughter.

Watch the funny video of Bubba finding the garter belt in the clip below, and don’t forget to share.

THIS WAS EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Bubba McLaughlin Megan Leigh Lambert

Posted by McKenzie Jade on Sunday, May 20, 2018