Man Convinces Father-In-Law Doorbell Can Scan His Retinas And The Video Is Hilarious.

Life’s too short not to have a little bit of fun now and again.

When Timothy Eberle of Indiana purchased a new SimpliSafe doorbell for his home’s front door he was thinking merely of the protection this camera device would offer his family. But then as he read through the various features and functions he got an idea.


Timothy knew that his father-in-law, Mark Kruer, was due to stop by the house when they wouldn’t be home later that day, so he sensed a prime opportunity to have a little bit of fun.

“I told my father-in-law that our new doorbell has a retina scanner to unlock the door,” Timothy wrote on Facebook along with the video captured by his new doorbell camera. The short video shows father Mark approaching the door and then leaning forward to inspect the new doorbell, and let’s just say that Mark fell for Timothy’s prank hook, line, and sinker.


Mark was so convinced that Timothy’s newfangled doorbell camera actually scans people’s retinas that he waltzed right up and stuck his face in front of the camera. When nothing happened he went one step further, pressing his eyeball as close to the lens as he could get it. Finally he gives up and wanders away, most likely wondering what is wrong with his eyeballs!

There’s just something so funny about seeing a grown man literally ogle an inanimate object like this, and Timothy’s Facebook friends definitely agreed. Within days the video had gone viral around the web.


Oh Mark, we can’t believe you fell for this! Just kidding; with the rate that technology is constantly evolving we would probably fall for this prank too. Thankfully this is one father-in-law who seems to be a great sport and can take a joke, especially now that he (and his eyeball) is a viral superstar!

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